Linda is a licensed esthetician and nail technologist. As a skin therapist, she assists clients in achieving a more youthful, clearer, calmer, and healthier skin. By utilizing quality products, the latest techniques, and a variety of machines, she produces maximum results with great expertise. She especially recommends the Eminence Organic Skincare line, which are handmade in Hungary from flowers, fruit and vegetables, like food for your skin, striving for the most noticeable improvements. Brow shaping is her passion, as well as Reiki. She performs pedicures and manicures as well as a variety of other services at the spa. She continually educates to offer clients quality services and expert advice.
Robin is a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in pedicures and manicures. Each pedicure is customized per client. She takes great pride in accomplishing the most pleasing results from even the most problem feet. She also performs facials when needed.
Barb is a licensed massage therapist with a therapeutic relaxing touch. She thoroughly enjoys performing massages as much as her clients enjoy receiving them. She utilizes a variety of techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, seated chair, hot stone, prenatal, and reflexology. As a Reiki practitioner, she balances the energy in the body with the therapeutic touch, to promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit. She continually educates to expand her expertise.
Jodie, a licensed massage therapist, performs Swedish massage, as well as seated chair massages, myofascial release (a deep tissue technique), and reflexology. She also practices Reiki. Jodie has an M.F.A. from Southern Methodist University, where she was educated in a variety of breath work and body work modalities, geared toward relaxation and awareness of one's body. She continues to educate herself so that she may help the world relax and handle the stressful demands of our modern society.
Cortni is a Licensed Nail Technologist. She is quite particular when performing natural manicures and pedicures, and enjoys helping the clients achieve lovelier, healthier nails, hands, and feet. She especially enjoys performing hand and arm and foot and leg massages. This prompted her to return to college to study massage therapy. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist performing Swedish massage, as well as deep tissue, seated chair, and reflexology. Assisting a client with relaxation and to reduce pain and tightness in the muscles is very important to her. Cortni